Leading AI services and useful integrations
Create content not complexity
Spend less building, operating and maintaining your own spoken audio infrastructure
and more on delivering great content.
Various voices. Multiple languages.
Choose voices generated from leading AI services like Amazon, IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive and more.
A powerful feature set with seamless integration
We continuously add new features that make it easier for digital publishers to engage and grow their audience.
Simple API
Easy to integrate API that connects to your publishing platform that makes generating and distributing spoken news straightforward.
Latest Voices
Get instant access to the latest human-like voices from leading speech synthesis services without the need for further development costs.
Several Languages
Choose from over 15+ languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and many more.
Mobile optimisation
Audio transcoding for compatibility and data light streaming for mobile devices.
Lightning Fast Streaming
Powerful content delivery network (CDN) with global edge nodes to accelerate audio content delivery across the world.
Insightful Analytics
Measure audience engagement with real time reporting and deep insights from your listener's audio consumption.
Third-party integrations
Automatically distribute audio news articles to SoundCloud, iTunes, Alexa and more to amplify your reach.
Custom Audio Players
Reliable and fully customisable web and mobile audio players built for short form audio.
CMS compatible
Easily integrate SpeechKit into your existing CMS for seamless audio generation and distribution
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