Manual Project Setup: Text & URL

Get started with SpeechKit


Login to your SpeechKit account. If you don’t have an account you can create one here.

Setting up a Project

  1. Click on create New Project then follow the tutorial
  2. Select your language and choose which voices you want to read the headlines and articles.
  3. Select Manual
  4. Enter the name and website of your publication. It’s ok too if you're just using this for personal use!
  5. If you would like to embed your audio then give your audio player the colour you want (optional) and add a logo (optional).

Generating your first Audio Article

xCNow that your Project is all set-up, click on “add article”
  1. Choose between Manual and URL
  2. In the case of Manual input the text you want to convert into audio and then press “Generate Article”.
Article being processed
Article ready to be shared

Sharing your article

  1. Press on the breadcrumb menu to the right of the audio headline and click on “Embed or Copy article url”
Embeddable code

You will now be able to share the URL for that audio or embed it anywhere you want.