Setup: WordPress

Get started with SpeechKit

Your account

Login to your SpeechKit account and press create New Project.

Don’t have an account? Create one here.

  1. Select the Language, Title Voice and Paragraph voice.
  2. Select WordPress.
  3. Login to your WordPress account.
  4. Search, install and then activate the SpeechKit Plugin.
  5. Go to the SpeechKit Plugin settings.
  6. Copy and paste the Project ID and API Key from your SpeechKit account into the SpeechKit Plugin settings.
  7. Enable SpeechKit.
  8. Finish your project setup on the SpeechKit website.
  9. Next time you publish a post, in less than a minute, your post will be available in audio for your readers to listen to using the audio player that will appear at the top of the post.